ROARings: I like Ike

Are you an experienced dog-lover looking for a challenging pup to commit to and love? If so, you should meet ROAR’s goofy, lovable Ike. At ROAR, everyone likes Ike — it’s hard not to. You’ll like Ike, too.

Ike is a very large one-year-old yellow Labrador retriever (mix?) with a dubious pedigree. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Ike strikes one as a pup who might have come from an amateur breeder using little or misguided efforts toward ethical, selective breeding.     

Ike’s story is not uncommon. Who doesn’t love tiny Lab puppies and want to adopt one? Puppies need socialization, consistent training and outdoor activities. Soon these adorable little puppies become exuberant, adolescent, adult-sized dogs, and often more dog than anyone ever anticipated or can handle.    

To corral Ike’s energy and curiosity, Ike needs a patient home with someone around nearly all the time. Ike would benefit from a good game of fetch, long walks, playtime with other dogs daily, and possibly even agility training.

Efforts given to Ike’s training, supported by lots of affection, will ensure Ike matures into a loyal, loving companion for many happy years.   

Come in and meet this sweet boy, and you’ll be saying, “I Like Ike,” too.

Ike is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and neutered. His adoption fee is $350.

The ROAR Donofrio Family Animal Shelter is located at 45 South Street, with adoption hours Thursday through Monday. Go to to learn more.

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