ROARings: How deep is your love?

It generally takes senior dogs a lot longer to get adopted than irresistible puppies. But senior dogs have so much going for them.

Senior dogs are house-trained, low-maintenance, seldom dig or chew, enjoy walks or trips to the park and prefer to lie in the sun or curled up next to your feet. They’ve been around the block a few times and often have seen the best and worst of humanity. Senior dogs know when they’ve found a good thing and they’ll spend their remaining years thanking you. All dogs love unconditionally, but senior dogs love more deeply.

If you don’t already share your life with a senior dog and if you’re thinking about adopting a grey-muzzled family member, meet ROAR’s senior dog Josie, an eight-year old medium-size, sweet “pugglish” mix. Josie was adopted at the ROAR Shelter seven years ago. Having been surrendered back to ROAR, Josie is as joyful now as she was then. While she takes heart medication, Josie exhibits the playful nature of a much younger dog. She is fine with children of all ages but prefers a home without cats.

If you are looking for an instant companion, one ready for car trips, long walks and a deep love to give, come meet our sweet Josie.  

Josie is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and spayed. Her adoption fee is $300 but is waived for seniors upon application approval.

The ROAR Donofrio Family Animal Shelter is located at 45 South Street with adoption hours Thursday through Monday. Go to to learn more.