ROARings: Fun-loving Kevin

When I visited the shelter to meet newly arrived Kevin, I didn’t realize he had quite the fan club, even before he reached the cat room. Kevin, an orange, tan and white tabby, had become the fan favorite of all the staff.

Obviously he loves people.  He “talked” to me for a bit. (Did you know that meowing is something that cats do just for people?) I watched him give me a little look and then he meandered over in my direction.  I noticed how even-tempered he was, tall and quite the charmer.

I can’t help but believe that Kevin will be a good companion and sidekick. So far, he is involved with everything and goes everywhere in the cat room. He’ll be a good fit for any household and will want to be a part of all family activities.

Come in and meet Kevin and join his fan club.  Kevin just turned 3 and is up to date on all appropriate vaccinations and has been neutered.

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