ROARings: Be Bessie’s forever home

In a perfect world, ROAR prefers to not only rescue a litter of kittens but their mother as well. It’s helpful to the kittens to know the health of the mother, plus, it just feels good to give a stray mother cat the chance for a forever home as well. In our experience, sometimes the mother has been killed, left the scene, or is a feral cat; thus, ROAR doesn’t have the opportunity to have mom and kittens. Happily, we have had several amazing moms that have come through ROAR like our Bessie, a black-and-white, one-year-old shorthair who arrived at ROAR with her three adorable kittens.

Before arriving at ROAR, Bessie and kittens were rescued in southern New Jersey by the local animal shelter and then fostered by my family for almost five weeks. The photo shown is their first day with us. Immediately, I knew Bessie was a people-loving cat, jumping in my lap the minute I took her out of the pet carrier. She was always right around me whenever I came into the room. When I separated her and the kittens for them to be weaned, she was grateful for the chance to have her own toys without her cute kittens taking them away from her — she’s really just a kitten herself!

Now at ROAR, she is a beauty with a luscious black coat and great muscle definition — the picture of health. When she first came to me, she was too skinny from being out on her own and nursing the kittens. It’s an incredible thing to see a stray cat make the journey from having nothing to finding a wonderful, loving home of her own. So that’s where you, the readers, come in! If you are not the home for her, tell someone about Bessie who might be. She would be a great pet to most any home and is worth a look. Bessie is spayed and fully updated on all of her vaccinations and is also micro-chipped.

ROAR hours are Monday 11-3, Thursday and Friday 11-3 and 6-8, Saturday 11-3, and Sunday noon-2.