ROARings: Awesome update on Dallas

You might remember Dallas, the shy, gentle and loving tuxedo. He had a chance to relax in a home setting where he enjoyed life with a cat lover who’s heading off to college soon.

His own words say it best. “Dallas would seclude himself in a hiding spot, but as time passed, it became heartwarming to see him come out and sit right by me. He wouldn’t necessarily want to play (although he does like head scratches); he just wanted to relax around me like a roommate. Dallas became the perfect means of having easy, stress-relieving company for any quiet household.”

Some cat volunteers filled us in on his return to the shelter.

“What an amazing transformation. As we sat on the floor, Dallas walked up to us for lots of love and chin scratches. He is now ok with being pet past the shoulders. He laid down next to me with his head on my lap. His foster did such an awesome job.”

As one staff member said, “Dallas just needs to find his forever home so he can become the cat he truly wants to be.”

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