Prevention Plus: Post grad party

The Ridgefield Prevention Council applauds the Ridgefield Community for its continued support of the annual Post Graduation party for graduating seniors. This year’s alcohol and drug free all night event happens on Friday, June 23.

Traditionally, events such as prom and graduation are high risk times for drug and alcohol use. In Ridgefield and many other communities, these momentous, happy events have ended in bad situations, or even in tragedy. The Post Grad party offers Ridgefield High School seniors a safe place to celebrate with their fellow graduates. The all night party at the Recreation Center is truly a community event, organized by the Post Grad Committee and supported with donations from parents and from the entire community. The RPC is proud to provide a donation to this event each year.

These all night celebrations have become a tradition in Ridgefield and many towns in Connecticut and all over the country. We know that we can reduce risk by offering safe and fun alternatives to the unsupervised, alcohol and drug filled parties of the past that put our graduating seniors in danger. Yes, there are many other nights, and so all of the other efforts to reduce risks must continue. But this is a wonderful tradition in Ridgefield, and a beautiful way to tell our teens how much the community values them.