Prevention Plus: Announcing ‘Friends of RPC’

The goal of the Ridgefield Prevention Council (RPC) is to improve the health and well-being of all Ridgefield citizens. The RPC consists of nine members under the Town Charter. We hope to broaden our outreach efforts and have a greater impact on the entire town, but we can’t do it alone.

We are expanding by forming Friends of RPC. Our friends are meant to be just that, trusted individuals that we can rely on to further our mission. This group will be an expanded volunteer network to help us make a difference in the community by offering creative ideas, attending and assisting at events, hanging posters around town, etc. Both adults and students are welcome to be Friends of RPC. The only requirements are an interest and a wish to share RPC’s mission to support a safe and healthy environment for all Ridgefield families and to reduce high-risk youth behaviors through awareness, education and positive alternatives to alcohol and other substance use.

Join us in this important effort. To sign up to be a Friend of RPC or to get more information, email For more information, visit our Facebook page,, and our website,