Looking Back: No play dates? Tigers perfect!

Residents of Ridgefield’s moderate-income housing on Prospect Ridge worried 25 years ago that their children would be ostracized.

“‘I’m afraid if my son invites someone over after school, he won’t want to come and play when they see this address,’ said Sue, who is divorced and lives with her two children, ages 5 and 7, on Prospect Ridge. ‘When I lived on Florida Road I didn’t worry about that. I’m the same person. It’s just my financial situation has changed,’” reporter Lisa Wlodarski wrote in the Nov. 12, 1992, Ridgefield Press.

“‘Anyone could be in the position we’re in,’ said Tracey, a divorced mother of three who works two jobs. ‘I think people don’t realize they can have it all and lose it all,’” Wlodarski wrote.

Town officials were recommending that water be tested for radon.

“Chief sanitarian Ed Briggs said there are levels of radon, a gaseous element formed by the disintegration of radium, in town-supplied water as well as in private wells,” The Press reported.

The state Department of Health said “average groundwater levels in this region are 10 times the proposed maximum contaminant level.”

Kristallnacht survivor Ingeborg Price spoke at Ridgefield’s Temple Shearith Israel.

“During the night a squadron of Nazi soldiers marched down the street where Mrs. Price lived with her mother,” a front page story said. “She could hear their hobnail boots hitting the pavement as they sang their martial song: ‘When Jewish blood drips from our knives, it puts new vigor in our lives.’”

50 years ago

RHS football was kicking butt 50 years back.

“For the first time in the history of RIdgefield High School, the RHS football team finished the season undefeated and untied,” the front page of the Nov. 9, 1967, Press reported.

Coach Robert Mark said the Tigers scored 290 points that season, while giving up 42.

Reporter Stan Engelhart detailed the final 41-6 drubbing of Kolbe from Bridgeport: “On the first play, RHS tried to surprise run-conscious Kolbe with a long pass. The play worked as Steve Martin hit Vinny Tulipani with a 21-yard pass to put the Tigers in Kolbe territory. Pete Santini carried the ball on the next play and came through with a 15-yard pickup and another first down.”

“Total cost of new senior high could go up to to $8-$10 million,” said a page one headline.

Another story concerned a Main Street property that’s now condominiums:

“‘Casagmo,’ the Olcott mansion on Main Street which has long been the target of vandalism, will be boarded up,” The Press said. “On Sunday, Nov. 5, one of the greenhouses was apparently set on fire by vandals and burned to the ground.”