Looking Back: New donut shop on the block

Stay calm. Dunkin Donuts was on the way. The Press reported this week in 1992 that Cain Interests was planning to open a donut shop in Ridgefield in August, but had to be committed to being a strong presence in the community.

“I told my general manager that part of being an integral part of the community is not just … talk, it’s hiring people in the community,” owner Jim Cain said. “You know, it’s not just another franchise coming into town … and taking the money elsewhere.”

The business also received its donuts from a bakery in Norwalk, and was very interested in sponsoring a Ridgefield sports team and getting involved in Meals on Wheels.

Former Selectman Paul Morganti was selected to fill Elizabeth Leonard’s place on the Board of Selectmen. He had served as a selectman in the 1950’s and 60’s.

“When we were selectmen, we never had meetings like this,” Morganti said, referring to the new speaking policy allowing members of the community to participate. “We just shut the door.”

Walking injuries had increased 70% nationally in the past year as walking became a more popular form of exercise, not leaving Ridgefield unscathed.

“Podiatrists throughout the country are treating more and more lower extremity injuries,” Dr. Allan Rosenthal of Ridgefield said.

A Better Chance was about to put on their Second Annual Music Festival, with a performance from contemporary jazz musician Marvin Stamm, among others. All proceeds went to A Better Chance.

Stamm said, “By bringing people together to enjoy some of the good things in life in order to help those less fortunate to have a ‘chance’ in life seems to me a celebration of all that is good about people.”

50 years ago

Under the title ‘The News as Carroll Tells It,’ the Press relayed the quick tale of a frustrated first selectman.

“Well, what else do you want?” Carroll asked the Press reporter.

“What else is going on?” At that Carroll launched into a speech very quickly detailing all the different issues that had crossed his desk, finishing with,

“And then we’ve got some drainage projects coming up but there is no sense going into that now. Anything else you want to know?”

“No, that’s plenty,” the reported said.

An editorial commented on a bill that would make it a federal offense to cross state lines or use interstate facilities to incite a riot in the wake of the Newark and Detroit riots.

One Connecticut congressman commented, “I do not think it will be helpful in stopping rioting, because Negroes will feel it was passed against them, [increasing tensions].”

The editorial went on to state that this was an appropriate argument as the House had recently defeated a bill trying to exterminate rats in the ghetto, “passage of which might at least have told ghetto residents that somebody cares.”

The piece finished, “Our congressmen are losing track of the symptoms and the underlying causes of social unrest.”

Kids in the Ridgefield summer program had put on a pet show, with categories such as: best insect, best turtle, second-best turtle, beautiful bird, smallest entry (a goldfish), most unusual cat, most beautiful cat, largest cat, best guinea pig, and best kitten.