Library Lines: The original co-working space: Your public library

I had occasion to visit a new space recently that billed itself as a co-working facility. The co working concept basically creates a shared space where freelancers, solo entrepreneurs and others who might work from home can come to find a more work-conducive environment, technology and logistical support, and the creativity and sense of community that comes from collaborating, even casually, with others. This particular space offered “amenities” including conference and meeting rooms, small private work spaces, free wifi, printers and other technology, and curated programming.

Sound familiar? The Ridgefield Library makes available all these same amenities, and more. Shared resources include over 100,000 books, periodicals and other materials, including special collections on business and creativity. In addition to wifi and standard printers, we also offer 3D printing, color scanning, outgoing fax service and other creative technologies. We have meeting and study rooms for individual work, group meetings and public presentations. Our programming includes the Skillsbox series to help small and home-based businesses grow and thrive and Maker groups and coding classes to introduce people to new trends and technologies. And we can see idea sharing and collaboration happen all the time, between patrons and staff and among our users. Drop by and take advantage of your co-working space soon!

Mary Rindfleisch is Assistant Director of the Ridgefield Library.  She may be reached at 203-438-2282 x11009 and