Library Lines: Learning a language just got easier

Pronunciator, an online language learning product that provides instruction for all ages in more than 80 languages, is now available to library cardholders. With its wide range of features, Pronunciator replaces Mango, our previous online offering, and is made possible by the Friends of the Library.

Pronunciator provides instruction for learners ranging from beginners to those seeking advanced conversational skills. For structured learning, Pronunciator includes eight-week interactive courses at all levels that offer five days of study each week consisting of one to two 30-minute sessions per day. For those who prefer to customize their own learning, Pronunciator makes it easy to select areas of focus such as core vocabulary, essential verbs or conversational practice along with the flexibility of mastering a language by topics of interest. When using a microphone-enabled device, feedback on pronunciation skills is available.

Also included are units specifically geared toward both early learners (3-to-6-year-olds) and young learners (7-to-12-year-olds) and for those seeking to master vocabulary targeted toward travel, workplace or English as a second language. Download lessons with apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets for access on the go. Pronunciator also offers a wide range of special features such as movies, music and poetry to enhance study.

Dorothy Pawlowski is head of adult services at the Ridgefield Library. She may be reached at 438-2282, ext. 11003 or