Library Lines: Art in the Lodewick Children’s Library

You may notice several new familiar faces in the Lodewick Children’s Library the next time you visit. Thanks to a grant from the Ridgefield Woman’s Club, we have added artwork depicting some of our favorite characters from children’s literature to the walls. Not only did we want to add more visual interest and recognizable friends for children to enjoy, we wish to continue exposing children to art, creativity, and visual information, essential components of their literacy development.

The library continues to offer opportunities for children to create and experiment with new mediums, stretch the limits of imagination, and nurture new skills.

Recently, children created art inspired by Caldecott Award-winning illustrators. This summer they are enjoying the Cardboard Challenge and Art at the Aldrich. Families can also borrow a museum pass and get acquainted with the work of historical and contemporary artists.

Another new addition to the children’s library is an empty frame, to be filled on a rotating basis with art created by your children. What better way to encourage creative expression than to celebrate their accomplishments by showcasing their visual inventions? Ask the children’s library staff for details and start creating!

Sonta Frindt is Children’s Services Library Assistant at the Ridgefield Library. She can be reached at 203-438- 2282 x12002 or