Inside Education: SRBI benefits all of our learners

Scientifically Researched-Based Intervention (SRBI) is an approach to education designed to ensure that all students receive high-quality instruction in the general education curriculum as well as targeted interventions for those students experiencing learning, social-emotional or behavioral difficulties. The state of Connecticut mandates that all school districts in Connecticut use this process, which includes development of three tiers of support. SRBI is not a gateway to, nor does it replace, the special education process.

During the 2015-16 school year, reviews of both special education and K-12 teaching and learning identified the need to develop an intervention and response system in the district to improve the response to an individual learner’s needs at the onset of concern about student performance. A committee was formed in October 2016 to understand how well the district implemented SRBI practices.  

The SRBI committee recently presented its findings to the Board of Education (BOE), including areas of strength and areas of improvement from data collected, as well as offering recommendations for next steps for Ridgefield Public Schools to improve SRBI practices. Their recommendations included a four-year plan for improvement, outlining specific opportunities such as parent engagement, stronger accountability, a new digital platform, innovative scheduling, early identification, and faculty/staff development.

Their findings reinforce the need for elements included in the 2017-18 approved BOE budget to strengthen Tier 1 instruction, improve assessment infrastructure, and provide ongoing job-embedded professional learning for teachers and leaders. Investment in resources such as MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessments for students in grades three to five provides the district with a K-8 assessment infrastructure that will provide teachers with greater capabilities to enrich, enhance and differentiate instruction for all students.