GOP Viewpoint: Vote Republican

Think back! Connecticut was once considered one of the best states to live, work and raise a family. The quality of life was top notch, nationally rated public education systems, reasonable taxes and cost of living. People flocked here, bought homes and intended to live and retire here.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After 30 years of Democrat controlled legislatures in Hartford, we now have one of the highest tax burdens, businesses are leaving, huge unfunded pension liabilities and one of the worst real estate markets in the country. It took Connecticut Republicans to come up with the budget that eventually, even Democrats, had to agree was what Connecticut needed to survive.

The goal of Ridgefield Republicans is identical: to see improvement in our quality of life, while ensuring we tax and spend with special attention to fiscal responsibly, striving for quality of Ridgefield schools, transparency and accountability of elected officials, assuring safety of citizens, retaining the character and heritage of Ridgefield. And, to accomplish this goal, we have vetted and proposed candidates with the skills, experience and commitment to serve the best interests of our residents.

On the Board of Finance, we present three candidates: Marty Heiser, Michael Raduazzo and Dick Moccia. Heiser and Raduazzo are incumbents. Heiser has the commonsense approach of a small business owner who must keep his customer satisfied and still make payroll every week. Raduazzo has precision in financial analysis and reasoning, balanced by practical factors. Moccia, the former mayor of Norwalk, brings the experience and financial knowhow to contribute his first day in office.

Board of Education brings four candidates: Kaitlyn Hayes, Sharon D’Orso, David Cordisco, and Scott Preston. D’Orso and Cordisco are incumbents and both bring the experience and sensitivity to be entrusted with Ridgefield’s most precious commodity: our children and their futures. Hayes has the passion and drive for keen decision making. Preston has the practical CEO business credentials necessary for monitoring school finances.

Planning and Zoning has four candidates: Rebecca Mucchetti, George Hanlon, Stephen Cole, and Robert Cascella. All are incumbents and have the experience to monitor and assure growth in Ridgefield is balanced to protect our environment and preserve the character of Ridgefield and yet permit economic development as needed.

Police Commission has three candidates: Marcie Coffin, Tom Reynolds and Joe Savino. All are incumbents and have operated effectively as civilian overseers of our police department.  Ridgefield has been rated the safest town in CT and it’s thanks to the efforts of our commissioners and police chief who jointly monitor performance goals, personnel and financial needs and manpower deployment. These candidates have the respect of the community and the trust of the police department.

Finally, our candidates for the Board of Assessment Appeals: Bob Jewell, a local attorney well versed in Ridgefield statutes. Plus, Zoning Board of Appeals: Carson Fincham and David Choplinski, both knowledgeable in the requirements of this Board. Lastly, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate: John McNicholas, long time resident looking to serve utilizing his experience.