GOP Viewpoint: Thank you for your service!

While we have all been focused on the end of our extended school year, the transition to summer and enjoying watching the FIFA World Cup, may we please suggest that now is the time to thank our elected public servants representing Ridgefield in Hartford.  

While the media coverage is not what it should be, state Rep. John Frey and state Rep. Michael Ferguson along with state Sen. Toni Boucher have been working overtime in Hartford during a special session to override several of Gov. Molloy’s recent vetoes. Both Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature came together this spring and passed veto-proof legislation in the best interest of Connecticut resident. Here is a highlight of two of the bills passed this spring with bipartisan support that were vetoed by Gov. Malloy:

  1. Changes to the oversight of the Department of Children and Families to better protect Connecticut’s children.

  2. Elimination of the ability of future governors to reduce or eliminate Educational Cost Sharing to towns after the school budgets have been set, allowing for towns to properly plan and budget for education expenses.

For a list of bipartisan veto-proof legislation passed, vetoed and were not overridden in 2018, please see the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee website at

When it came time to recommit to the bipartisan legislative efforts and override Gov. Malloy’s vetoes, Democrats in Hartford changed their minds and sided with Gov. Malloy. We cannot begin to imagine what John, Michael and Toni were feeling when Republicans and Democrats joined together to correct failures in our system to protect some of our most vulnerable children only to have the rug pulled out from under them. Similarly, we cannot understand what Democrats were thinking after they joined together with Republicans to ensure that all towns can properly budget for educational expenses without fear of having funding unilaterally taken away, only later to put politics over people and side with Gov. Malloy.

To add insult to injury, on Tuesday, July 17, Gov. Malloy announced that he is requesting a $10 million-dollar bond to study the impact of adding tolls in Connecticut.  

John Frey immediately addressed the issue saying, “Instead of studying how we can ask for more money from Connecticut taxpayers, we ought to study how we can reduce their tax burden. We need to be studying how we can reduce the gas tax while at the same time spend transportation funding more efficiently and with lower administrative costs.”

Likewise, Toni Boucher correctly points out, “Connecticut has more important funding needs than to pay for a study the state doesn’t need. Priorities like funding schools, getting the disabled off waiting lists for services, repairing of train bridges and our roads must come first.”

Democrats in Hartford continue to have a spending problem and a priorities problem. We should all be thankful that John, Michael and Toni spend tireless hours fighting to protect us and keeping businesses and residents from fleeing the state.