GOP Viewpoint: Stay involved

Another Election Day has come and gone, and we all survived. Congratulations to all who were victorious in their run for public office. Thank you to every candidate who ran for office. Regardless of the outcome, you made a difference in this election cycle. I offer a huge shout-out to all the volunteers, regardless of your party affiliation, who volunteered their time to help the candidates of their choice. The many hours spent at headquarters, writing endorsements, making calls, going door-to-door and donating your time and money are the life blood of elections. The heroes of the day are the voters. The turnout was tremendous, and it was great to see so many new and first-time voters involved and exercising their right to vote. In January, the elected will take their respective oath of office and begin or continue doing the people’s work. I wish them well and trust they will make thoughtful decisions and cast prudent votes for all of the citizens they represent.

For the candidates and their supporters, elections are exhausting. Many hours of hard work and stress can make the minutes on Election Day seem like hours. When it’s over, all your senses and emotions have been touched. The morning after, you are either elated or disappointed. Either way you know you have been a part of an essential process.  

I want to congratulate my friend John Frey for winning re-election to the Connecticut House of Representatives. John has worked hard for Ridgefield, and his experience will be invaluable with a new governor taking office. Kudos to our newly elected Republican Registrar of Voters Wayne Floegel. I am confident you’re going to be great in your new role. Thank you to state Sen. Toni Boucher. Toni has done a more than admirable job as our state senator. She has been a true friend to her constituents and Toni truly cares about the people she serves. Her kindness and resolve to do the right thing will be missed. Toni, tu sei il migliore.

Whether you are new to politics or an election veteran, I hope all who participated in this cycle will stay involved. The more we discuss and debate the issues, in a fair and reasonable manner, the better the outcome will be. Interested in getting involved? Think you might be a good choice for a board or commission? Do you just want to understand an issue better? Give us a call or come to a Republican Town Committee meeting. They are open to the public and you are always welcome.

Once again, thank you to all who participated in democracy last Tuesday. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a peaceful and safe holiday season.

The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee supplies this column.