GOP Viewpoint: Review the facts before you vote

This election is not about the president. This election is about what is best for Connecticut and Ridgefield.

Democrats want to make this election a referendum on the policies of the president. They want votes based on emotion, fear and anger. I’m asking you to take a breath and review the facts before you vote. Democrats have held every state constitutional seat in Connecticut for the last eight years and have controlled the Connecticut legislature for 40 years. There is no doubt who is responsible for Connecticut’s economic crisis.

Locally, Democrats are offering two inexperienced candidates to run against John Frey and Toni Boucher, both with years of success and experience in government and business.  

John and Toni have held firm against the Democrats’ policies of excessive spending, and continue to offer solutions that don’t include dipping further into your pocket.

In contrast, the Democrats offer you two candidates with no legislative or public service experience — or track record on any level. Toni’s Democratic opponent hasn’t been out of school long enough to have a paying job. I wouldn’t send him to Stop and Shop for me much less to help fix our problems.

John’s opponent is a woman whose political experience is organizing buses for activists wearing pink hats. Please don’t tell me that I should vote for a woman because I am a woman. I vote for candidates because of what’s between their ears. 

John’s record on championing women’s and children’s issues is outstanding. Toni has served us tirelessly and has important roles on both the education (co-chair) and transportation committees.

We all know that Connecticut continues to lose jobs and tax-paying citizens. If you’ve tried to sell your home and leave Ridgefield, you know how much value your property has lost. Does anybody really think that raising taxes and adding tolls are the answer to the state’s fiscal mess? Change the way Connecticut has been doing business by sending John and Toni to Hartford, along with these experienced candidates:

  • Bob Stefanowski (governor) is a seasoned business executive with a focus on fiscal discipline and turning around failing entities.

  • Sue Hatfield (attorney general) is an experienced prosecutor who will enforce the law and not attempt to change the law.

  • Thad Gray (treasurer) is an experienced money manager of pension and institutional investments.

  • Kurt Miller (attorney general) a first selectman with a track record of improving financial performance.

  • Susan Chapman (secretary of the state) another first selectman with a focus on improving voting access to our troops on active duty.

  • Matt Corey (U.S. Senate) is a hard-working small business owner with a focus on creating jobs.

  • Harry Arora (U.S. House of Representatives) is an immigrant and who brings a strong business background to focus on job creation.

Remember, this election is all about what’s best for Connecticut and Ridgefield. If you are tired of seeing businesses and citizens leave, please vote Republican on Nov. 6.

Hope Wise is the chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee.