GOP Viewpoint: Phoenix rising

Okay, let’s get serious about the political hype and put aside the stories of Russian collusion and sexual harassment nonsense the Democrats are hoping will distract people from the hard facts of where our country’s economy is now and where it’s coming from. The one question asked by President Ronald Reagan in his 1980 debate with Jimmy Carter (and is just as applicable now): Are you better off today than you were a year ago?

U.S. GDP has topped 3% for the last two quarters of 2017 and on the way to as good first quarter for 2018, a sure signal we’re finally on the right path. American businesses have created more than 1.7 million new jobs, including almost 160,000 manufacturing jobs and another 58,000 in mining and logging. The unemployment rate of 4.1% is the lowest mark in 17 years, though there are still many Americans who had to take subsistence jobs or had given up on looking for work over the previous eight years. The unemployment figure now for African Americans is 6.8%, the lowest since 1972, and Hispanic Americans unemployment is also at its lowest levels.

Consumer confidence is at its highest in 17 years and a wave of optimism has swept over American business to such a degree that there is an renewed outpouring of investment in new plants, equipment and upgrades. And, this is going to lead to even greater economic growth and spurring further job creation.

Let’s not forget the recent tax reform package passed solely by Republicans which has generated this enthusiasm for the future, from small employers to Fortune 500 corporations, with millions of their workers benefiting from significant raises and bonuses, plus increases in their hourly rates and surge in new hiring. 90% of people who get a paycheck will see more take-home pay. Also, numerous companies are announcing plans to return their production plants (and jobs) to the U.S. from overseas locations, many going to our cities that need this spark to rejuvenate local economies. Sure, some of the money will go to stock buybacks and dividends to stockholders, but don’t investors and owners deserve something as well, especially since they have had to ride out the past eight years.

In addition, the opportunity to repatriate offshore funds held by corporations will generate a tremendous inflow of their foreign cash holdings that previously brought $0 tax revenue, but will now generate many billions in taxes that can be used for some of our priorities, such as infrastructure and urgent services that have taken a back seat for far too long. Keep in mind, a prosperous growing economy increases everyone’s revenues and lifts everyone’s quality of life.

As a world leader, what benefits the U.S., also benefit other countries around the world, through trade and joint projects. Which will also deter our enemies as we regain and rebuild relationships with allies and reestablish our reputation as someone to be trusted and counted upon.

If all this is what the Democrats meant by “Armageddon,” I think they missed the boat in their messaging. I prefer to think of it as a Phoenix rising from the ashes of its predecessor. There was not one Democrat vote in support of the recent tax reduction package. Don’t forget that in the upcoming November election.

Alex Karsanidi is the chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, which meets monthly on the third Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall. Go to for more information.