GOP Viewpoint: Pay close attention

As the Democratic-controlled Connecticut legislature sets its priorities for 2019, we encourage all Ridgefield residents to pay close attention to bills that are being put forth. The two main questions to ask yourself when analyzing new bills are:

  1. Will the legislation have a positive or negative effect on Ridgefield?

  2. Will the legislation improve Connecticut’s economic problems?

Let’s take the issue of tolls as an example. Connecticut has one of the worst unprotected transportation funds (funds get raided for other purposes) and most inefficient use of funds for transportation projects in the country. Implementing tolls might make some people feel good on the surface to address transportation needs, but what are we really accomplishing?

Will tolls have a positive or negative effect on Connecticut residents who are struggling to pay bills? Will tolls factor into the decision process of people considering whether or not to leave Connecticut? Will tolls on I-84 result in an increase in traffic of commercial trucks in Ridgefield? Will there be a focus on improving transportation spending efficiencies? Will additional revenue continue to be mismanaged? This is just one example of legislation that needs to be thoroughly debated and vetted. There are many other bills to come that need a complete analysis.

Now is the time to pay close attention to what is going on in Hartford. Please stay informed. Please speak up to our representatives as necessary. The stakes for Connecticut’s and Ridgefield’s economic futures are high.

The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee provides this column. John Collins is the Ridgefield RTC vice chair.