GOP Viewpoint: Looking ahead

My God! It certainly was an interesting election and depending on whether you are a Republican, Democrat or unaffiliated voter, you were either celebrating the results or crying in your beer.

Congratulations to those candidates that won seats outright, however, all candidates deserve our thanks and appreciation for stepping forward and running. These people are all non-paid volunteers who wanted to serve their community and took time away from their jobs and families for this election. But, obviously, someone has to win and Ridgefielders have spoken since the voter turnout was better than usual with 28% of registered voters.

Unfortunately, final decisions as to who fills some of the seats will be decided by a few members of a board, rather than Ridgefield voters. Well, that’s politics, and hopefully people can now pay attention to what is happening in Connecticut and our financial crisis. And, guess what, now we can worry about what’s next since it’s probably pretty certain our taxes will keep going up and some tough decisions are going to have to be made right here in Ridgefield.

We’re on a downward spiral and bleeding taxpaying businesses and residents and, unfortunately, these are the high income residents for whom it just makes sense to move to another state. We must do everything possible to reverse this trend and make moving to Ridgefield and Connecticut more attractive for new companies and people and that means stopping the hemorrhaging with some old fashioned common sense.

And, now more than ever, what happens in the election next year and who our next governor will be is going to decide the future not only of Ridgefield, but all of Connecticut. Yes, a budget was finally agreed upon in Hartford, and preliminary signs are that may be a ray of light. However, similar to the road to recovery for an addict being very long and difficult, the steps Connecticut must take to put us on a path to financial stability will be extensive and painful, but necessary. Just as the state will have to make tough decisions, so will Ridgefield if there is any chance of success. Hopefully, all the new people taking office in Ridgefield will have the courage needed to do the right thing.

Alex Karsanidi is the chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee. The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee meets monthly on the third Thursday in the large conference room of Ridgefield Town Hall starting at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend, listen and participate with their comments. Go to our website: