GOP Viewpoint: Eagle Scouts and graduation

The following is a letter I sent to the Ridgefield Board of Education and subsequently read at their meeting on June 11 regarding a recent request by a number of Eagle Scouts to be able to wear their Eagle Cords at graduation.

Dear Ridgefield Board of Education Members:

I am writing to you to ask that you kindly request the RHS administration reconsider their decision to not allow a group of approximate a dozen Boy Scouts the opportunity to wear their Eagle Scout Cords at graduation. Earning the rank of Eagle in scouting is an incredible accomplishment which is generally the culmination of seven years of hard work and dedication. These young men have not only lived the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives but they have also exhibited much of the RHS mission (see below) at the same time. They have created their own personalized learning experience, pursuing their interests in preparation life, learning and work as global citizens as each boy has navigated their path to achieve their goal.

During their journey they have become leaders in their troop, school and their community (Foster academic, social and emotional growth. They have kept themselves physically fit, mentally awake and morally straight (Promote wellness of body and mind).

I could go on and on for hours defining what these boys have done but I would just like to end by asking you to allow them this one honor to celebrate this great achievement as the celebrate their graduation day.

The RPS mission statement reads, “Ridgefield Public Schools provides engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences so all students can pursue their interests and prepare for life, learning, and work as global citizens.

To accomplish this mission, our community including educators, students, and parents will partner to:

  • Foster academic, social, and emotional growth for all students
  • Promote wellness of body and mind
  • Build an inclusive climate of trust, safety, and respect
  • Value diversity by cultivating global competencies
  • Attract, support, and retain talented educators who embrace continuous learning.”

While this is my personal opinion and I do respect the administration’s decision to not allow the Scouts to wear their cords I still do not agree with this decision. It should be noted that many of the projects of these Scouts and other Scouts in Ridgefield have directly benefited both the schools and the town.  

While the projects of these Scouts may not have directly benefited the schools or the town, they have likely supported other projects over their seven years as a Scout that have. The schools and the town are always more than happy to accept these efforts by the Scouts and it seems to me that this would have been a small way to pay them back for all they have done.

Michael Raduazzo is the assistant Scout leader for Troop 431.