GOP Viewpoint: Connecticut decisions

With the problems Connecticut’s economy is currently facing, which flow down to Ridgefield and our neighbors, it is puzzling why Democrats are chasing bogeymen in Washington when things there seem to be finally on the right track. Connecticut is constantly rated at the bottom of any economic list and our numerous problems here that have grown unchecked by the Democrat majority for too long. Governor Malloy and his administration are so unpopular, three out of four people feel they are not doing a good job and, the insult on top of injury, we even have the honor of our state Capitol possibly being on the verge of bankruptcy.

The response from the Democrats has been distraction: smoke and mirrors, like a policeman at an accident, there’s no problem here, move on. In the meantime, plans are being laid for a possible third State tax increase within five years, plus increases in all sorts of incidental taxes and fees which they hope will fall below your radar screen. It was suggested no one would notice an increase in the State Sales tax from 6.35% to 7%. And, believe it or not, there is even discussion of implementing a license fee on pet cats. Think of what tolls on Interstate 84 would do to Ridgefield roads with increased traffic. With the drug problem in our towns now, do we need to add fuel to the fire legalizing recreational marijuana?

What about the proposed cuts to our education funding which would be instead diverted to the big cities to continue paying for their failing school systems rather than making necessary changes there on how they are run. More money is obviously not the answer. Sometimes more money put into a failing business does not work and a change in the operating system is called for. And, saving the best for last, what about the plan to transfer part of the state teacher pension liability for towns to pay, where Ridgefield’s bill could be over $4,000,000. Are you getting the picture yet?

The answer is not necessarily additional sources of revenue, but time to take a hard look at spending. Governor Malloy and legislators must review every budget item and make hard decision on the best way to use our tax dollars. Just as citizens make tough decisions when they run out of money, they begin cutting down on the frills and luxuries, so should the Democrats finally realize the need to cut unnecessary programs and prioritize where taxes are spent. Maybe they can even see the need to do something about the elaborative retirement packages that have lead to the billions of pension liabilities our state faces.

Connecticut must do everything possible to put out the “welcome mat” to prospective businesses and new residents. We cannot afford to continue hemorrhaging the future of our state with bad decisions and Governor Malloy needs to listen. The people had spoken and things are changing in Washington. Now it’s time to do the same in Connecticut to stop the death spiral.

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