GOP Viewpoint: Board of Finance

With the resistance Republican Legislators are running into from the other side of the aisle, their delays will cause the clock to run out next week and, guess what, our illustrious Gov. Malloy will implement his budgetary plans by Executive Order. And, that's when all hell breaks loose and the funds Ridgefield and three-fourths of other comparable-sized towns throughout the state get from Hartford, goes away. Especially, funds earmarked for local education will not be there and we will be left holding the proverbial bag. Compound that with some of the State's Pension Liabilities that might come our get the idea; just keep your checkbook handy.

Well, what can we do locally in Ridgefield? The answer is to pay close attention to this November's Municipal Elections and making sure our Republican candidates are elected.  Specifically, two key Republicans, Marty Heiser and Michael Raduazzo, are up for re-election to the Board of Finance and are urgently needed now more than ever to make sure Ridgefield's spending is tightly controlled and, if necessary, fine tuned with the commonsense principles Republicans are known for. In addition, we have the opportunity to elect another Republican, Dick Moccia, who was a mayor of a major Connecticut city for eight years and gained the experience necessary for dealing with a budget almost three times larger than Ridgefield.

A Ridgefielder for over 25 years, Marty Heiser has served the people of Ridgefield on the Board of Finance for over 20 of those years and is a fountain of knowledge and experience, not to mention he has been through good and bad financial times in Ridgefield and knowing what has been tried in the past and worked well, saves a lot of trial and error, not to mention tax dollars.  Throw in his experience as a Board member for the Ridgefield Boys & Girls Club and coaching for Ridgefield Youth Hockey, plus serving as an Elder at his church, Marty is a guy you can put your faith in to do the best for Ridgefield.

Michael Raduazzo is a 15-year resident, of which he served four years on the Board of Education and was chair of its finance committee, plus he currently serves on Ridgefield's Board of Finance. He is also a member of the Ridgefield Preservation Council, the Ridgefield Education Foundation and St. Mary Church and Men's Ministry, plus a Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 431. Being an accountant gives him the unique perspective of seeing things from the Business world and being able to apply his knowledge to efficient oversight of Ridgefield's budget.  As someone who has sat through a Board of Finance meeting from start to finish knows, this stuff has to be in your blood to understand where all the problems are hidden and what to do with them.

Dick Moccia has been a resident for two years, but based on his current involvement at Founders Hall and position on Ridgefield's Parking Authority, inactive retirement is obviously not his thing.  And, so much better for us to be able to call on his mayoral experience, especially with the financial fiasco in Hartford. Understanding how to balance budgetary problems is a virtue and wisdom that comes with doing the job and living with the results.

So, here are three Republican candidates to vote for on the Board of Finance that might just save our bacon when the hard times come, which look inevitable.