Founders Hall: Switching to a bi-weekly column

We want to alert you to a change in how we report on Founders Hall news in this paper. Because of waning space, The Ridgefield Press has asked us to limit our column to every other week rather than publishing a weekly column. So, you will still find Founders Hall news here, just not as often. Keep in mind that there are many other sources for Founders Hall news.

Our website (, which shows all the details for daily and semester programs, is probably the best resource for members. Our Facebook page, Founders Hall Ridgefield, highlights upcoming events. Our monthly newsletter, Founders Forum, reports the details on each month’s events and is available online and for pick-up at Founders Hall. If you’re a member and you’ve given us your email address, you’ll receive highlights of upcoming events once or twice a month in your inbox. The Press will continue to publish events that are open to the public in its Happenings section.

Next week, check Happenings for details on our Sept. 15 seminar on Probate Court presented by Judge Daniel O’Grady, starting at 1 p.m. and sponsored by Union Savings Bank. That’s the first seminar in our new fall semester, which begins on Monday, Sept. 11.