Founders Hall: Say cheese!

At our upcoming tasting on Friday, July 14 at 2 p.m., events manager Lisa Corso will take you beyond Brie into the rich and delicious world of soft cheeses. You’ll taste cheeses made from a variety of animals’ milk, sourced from several countries. Italian burrata, made from buffalo milk, may look like mozzarella, but you’re in for a surprise when you taste this blend of cream and thick spreadable strings. Robiola, another Italian cheese but made from a mix of cow, goat and sheep’s milk, is reminiscent of cream cheese but with more complex flavors. Forget salad dressings and try an authentic Roquefort cheese from Southern France. Marbled with blue veins, this sheep’s milk cheese is salty and buttery rich. Who doesn’t love a creamy French Brie spread on crusty bread? Lisa will show you how to elevate this party staple from simple to sublime with a variety of different toppings. She’ll also introduce you to Humboldt Fog, an artisanal cheese from California that consists of two creamy layers of goat cheese separated by a thin line of edible vegetable ash. Learn why this award-winner can be creamy and crumbly at the same time.

Most cheeses require elaborate and careful production processes, but there is a cheese that you can create at home with just two ingredients and ten minutes of prep time. Learn how to make Mascarpone cheese, which you can use in delicious desserts. Thanks to sponsor Laurel Ridge Health Care Center, the soft cheese tasting is free for members.

Seminar: Honduras, Friday, July 7, 1 p.m.