Founders Hall: Pain management

If you suffer from chronic pain, don’t miss our seminar on Friday, Jan. 26, at 1 p.m. Dr. Antonio Paz, of Orthopaedic Specialists of Connecticut, will discuss the latest techniques to manage pain without addictive opioid drugs. A specialist in interventional pain management, Paz uses minimally invasive procedures to diagnose, decrease and eliminate the cause of pain.

“Medications are not my first line of therapy,” said Paz, who is board-certified in both anesthesia and internal medicine. “Interventional pain physicians can offer much more to their patients because we are able to treat them through a variety of long-lasting procedures.”

These office-based procedures include the use of injections to calm inflammation, high-energy radio waves to block nerve signals, and the patient’s own plasma or stem cells to promote healing of damaged tissues. According to Paz, these techniques offer relief for many patients who have not responded to traditional treatment.

Paz noted that chronic pain is among the most common reasons for seeking medical attention and is reported in up to 50% of patients seen in primary care, with the majority of those patients seeking relief for low back pain. With that in mind, he will discuss special treatments for spinal arthritis, fractures and compressions.

“Our goal,” said Paz of his practice, “is to return our patients to their everyday activities quickly, decrease their need for medication, and improve their overall quality of life.”