Founders Hall: Hello, goodbye

After 11 years of spinning magic at Founders Hall, our wonderful events manager, Lisa Corso, has retired. With style and resourcefulness, Lisa masterminded every celebration, tasting, tea, coffee, and many of our fund-raising events. She also coordinated a legion of volunteers (more than 270 last year!) for needs as varied as teacup washing to computer training. With her generosity, creativity, ingenuity, warmth, and wit, Lisa has left an indelible mark on Founders Hall and we will all miss her.

As her parting gift to Founders Hall, Lisa introduced us to our new events manager, Kimberly Anderson. A Danbury resident, Kimberly is outgoing, approachable and collaborative. She brings in-depth experience in project management and customer relations from a diverse career, beginning with Ridgefield’s Carnall Insurance, through five years as a legislative aide in the Connecticut State Senate, and most recently at the Regional YMCA of Western CT.

“Founders Hall does so much for the community,” said Kimberly. “I’m excited to be here.” Kimberly jumped right in to help with the Squash Tasting, fitness registration and cooking class. She officially takes over with this week’s Billiards Tournament and Name That Tune Tea, on Friday, Nov. 10, at 2 p.m., sponsored by Laurel Ridge Health Care Center. Stop by her office at the top of the stairs to give her a warm welcome.