Founders Hall: Estate planning seminar

While no one likes to think about end of life, there are some key documents each of us should have in place before a crisis hits. You can learn about these must-have documents in a seminar at Founders Hall on Friday, Feb. 24, at 1 p.m. A trio of legal, financial and elder care professionals will update you on the latest developments in estate planning. Medical social worker Leslie Tewes will discuss advance health care directives, including living wills, health care proxies and DNRs (do not resuscitate orders). Attorney Pam Banks will review estate management, including powers of attorney and basic trusts. Investment adviser Chris Ceponis will tell how some 2016 changes to Social Security can help you optimize your retirement savings.

While you’re thinking about “must-have” documents, we would like to remind you about a different must-have: donations to Founders Hall. As you may know, Founders Hall relies on philanthropy to provide seminars, speakers, social events, and the many wide-ranging classes we offer, all at low or no cost. None of our programs would be possible without support from members like you. You should have recently received a Valentine card with an appeal from us. Please respond as generously as you can. Spring semester is just around the corner, and with your support, there will be lots to love.