Founders Hall: Difficult conversations

Is there a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding? Perhaps you have a conflict with a friend or neighbor, or deep concerns about an elderly parent or adult child. Instead of evading the situation, learn how to handle difficult conversations in a workshop on Friday, March 24, at 1 p.m. Family counselor Daniel Joynt, who specializes in conflict management, notes that when conversations are managed well, all involved benefit, but if managed poorly, those conversations can destroy couples, families or social relationships.

In the workshop, Joynt will offer practical tools to help you manage conversations and connect successfully with others. He will guide you out of your comfort zone by helping you examine your own strengths and weaknesses. Joynt will also teach you how to use active listening as a way to reach understanding with others. Through a series of interactive activities and some role-playing, you’ll have a chance to apply those skills in simulated situations.

Through his years of counseling and teaching, Joynt has seen that older adults are often reluctant to engage in difficult conversations. He attributes their reluctance to fear of being judged as weak or incompetent.

He says that this workshop will “empower people to resolve difficult situations by taking ownership of them.”

Beach Party Tea, sponsored by Oasis Senior Advisors, Friday, March 24, 2:30 p.m.