Editorial: Share kindness

How could an abstract mural send a message of kindness?

In two ways, which the Youth Commission’s Kindness Mural project is meant to foster.

One is simply by saying so. If the Youth Commission asserts that the abstract tile mural going up as a group project on the side of The Barn teen center is meant to express the importance of spreading and sharing kindness — well, that’s what it expresses.

And if the people involved get talking about kindness, and its importance as a life value, so much the better.

The mural project can also help spread kindness by getting people to work together. The Youth Commission has invited Ridgefielders of all sorts — students, businesspeople, members of community groups — to join in creating the mural mosaic facing Governor Street from Sunday, March 4, to Saturday, March 10. Collaboration, working side by side, encourages people to treat each other well — with kindness.

That sends the message. Simple human kindness has magic, empowering anyone who wishes to make the world better in small but significant ways.

And they may then walk through the world knowing it’s a little warmer because they’re part of it, and kind.

Join in, hang some tiles, share the magic — kindness.