Editorial: More traffic means more deep breaths behind the wheel

In case you haven’t heard: Route 7 traffic will be detoured through the village this weekend so the state can complete its bridge repair work over the Norwalk River in Branchville.

This is weekend one of five this summer, so get used to the disturbance.

While frustrating — especially compounded with the alternating one-way traffic on Route 35 during the week, it’s important that drivers remember to be calm on Ridgefield’s roadways.

And, if you’re someone who lives in the area, to know where the detours will be set up (there’s a map on the front of this week’s paper that will also be posted online) and to give yourself enough time to get to your destination.

It’s never fun using a slower, secondary route but it’s better to be prepared on the road than to get angry at the sudden congestion and the delays it causes for all drivers.

Road rage comes from panic: That Father Time is working against you, and that you’re going to be late. This anxiety creates accidents on the road, and accidents impinge further on the flow of traffic throughout town.

Distracted driving — looking up alternate routes on map apps while driving — also contributes to crashes and collisions.

Drive with your head up, not down. And be prepared, don’t panic.

Traffic is nobody’s friend, but it shouldn’t kindled into being everyone’s enemy.

This weekend — and for four more this summer — it will really take a village to help put out this flame.

We need to do it together, patiently.