Editorial: Freedom to speak

Sewers, superintendents, and skate clubs — Ridgefielders have an opinion about everything these days, and for good reason. There’s a costly (and unavoidable) sewer renovation coming down the pipeline, the town’s top-paid employee resigned this spring amid controversy and the school board hasn’t found a full-time replacement, and the proposed winter club on Peaceable Street is seen as a threat to residential quiet in neighborhoods all across the town — at least that’s the message of the yellow signs that seem to be everywhere.

No matter what the issue, residents are not shy on sharing their thoughts — whether it’s online, or at the supermarket or at the school bus stop.

While coffee shops and nail salons are convenient locations to complain about ongoing town problems, there’s no better place to impact the direction of Ridgefield’s future than at a town public hearing.

There’s one for the sewer project Saturday morning in town. There’s another for the winter club Tuesday night at East Ridge Middle School.

As for the superintendent? The schools just hosted a series of focus groups earlier this week and are now passing out a survey for all residents — not just school parents — to take.

All of these steps point in the direction of having a transparent town government where big-picture decisions require the feedback of more than a few people.

As the saying goes, it takes a village...

Don’t hesitate, let your opinion be heard.