Editorial: Enter, the young

Again, the tears after the gunshots, people young and promising — their whole lives ahead of them — mercilessly cut down.

Again, a sad, deranged individual whose well-documented hostility was weaponized — to the detriment of his victims, and himself — by easy access to a deadly weapon.

Again, the “thoughts and prayers” of grave-faced politicians — many of them firmly in the pocket of the almighty gun lobby that safeguards its profits but plays fast and loose with innocent people’s lives, through sanctimony that surrounds the Second Amendment.

Maybe it’ll be different this time.

Something seems different. Young people are mad, fighting mad. They’re organizing, asking questions, demanding change: Why can’t military-grade assault weapons be limited? Why aren’t background checks strong enough to work? Do something, grown-ups!

The now nationwide “school walkout” movement sparked by Ridgefield High School sophomore Lane Murdock shows the ability of the young, with their electronic reach on social media, to  organize in huge numbers, all across the nation, literally overnight.

The question is: Can they keep it going? They’re up against the gun lobby, and the gun lobby knows the waiting game. Outrage dissipates, bills die in committee, nothing gets done.

Young people — Lane and all your petition signers and retweeters and Facebook likers — keep at it. Don’t quit. March in Washington and march in Washington again — before it all happens again.