Editorial: Crime and punishment

Criminals make a living off human error.

Why? Because our flaws are predictable — and perpetual.

Whether it’s forgetting to lock the car at night or leaving a precious item unguarded for even a moment, mistakes get made time and time again. And these misjudgments unlock a gateway for thieves to take advantage of, and thrive in.

The good news is we can prevent this from happening in our safe New England community.

How? By copying what generations before us have done for decades: Be mindful, take responsibility, use common sense, and eschew general laziness.

In other words, take an active approach. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security — it’s the first card we deal to criminals that makes them think it’s OK to sit down at our table.

It’s not.

So remove all your valuables from your vehicle, lock everything, set alarms, install lights and cameras (if you must), and most importantly, if you see something, say something.

Deny these delinquents any and all possible opportunities. The less success they have, the less frequently they’ll return to Ridgefield.

The police say they’re taking this recent crime wave to heart. The rest of the community should, too.

Be on the lookout; don’t take safety for granted.