Democratic View: What's he hiding?

On Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, mere hours after longtime Trump adviser and confidante Roger Stone was arrested and indicted on multiple federal charges, the Republican National Committee (RNC), convening for its annual winter meetings in New Mexico, unanimously pledged the party’s “undivided support” to Trump as the party’s presidential candidate in 2020. The vote was a preemptive strike to block any and all potential 2020 Republican presidential primary challengers and coincides with widely reported plans to merge RNC operations into Trump’s 2020 campaign.
The RNC is the national platform-defining, fund-raising and leadership organ of the Republican Party. The RNC’s actions are unprecedented and highly irregular. Through these actions, the RNC has completed the transformation of the Republican Party into the operational vehicle of Trumpism and the Trump personality cult of bigotry, self-dealing, corruption, and betrayal of America’s national interests and national security.
John Frey, Ridgefield’s state representative for the 111th District (Ridgefield, south of George Washington Highway/Canterbury Lane) is the longest-serving and most senior RNC member among the three-person Connecticut RNC delegation, and one of just 168 RNC members nationwide.
On Monday, Feb. 4, 2019, the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) publicly called upon Frey to disclose if he participated in the RNC’s unanimous pledge of “undivided support” for Donald Trump. The DTC also called on Frey to publicly disavow that pledge. So far, Frey has refused.
Frey’s failure to come clean with Ridgefield voters isn’t for lack of awareness. The DTC published its call on the DTC website, on Ridgefield Patch, on Ridgefield Hamlet Hub (operated by a co-moderator of Frey’s own Facebook group), and across social media, specifically tagging Frey in the Twitter post. The DTC also issued a press release to The Ridgefield Press and several of its sibling newspapers within Hearst Media Connecticut. Frey declined to respond to the matters raised in the DTC’s press release.
As of Friday evening, Feb. 8, 2019, The Ridgefield Press had not reported on the RNC’s unanimous pledge or Frey’s refusal to disclose if he participated. With this column the DTC hopes to partially fill the void and inform Ridgefield voters of their state representative’s refusal to even comment about his role in his party’s shocking action.
John Frey owes his privilege in the national Republican Party entirely to his 20-year tenure as Ridgefield’s state representative. Ridgefield residents therefore have an absolute right to know if Frey disavows the RNC’s actions or if he is using his national Republican Party leadership position to advance a corrupt president and agenda opposed by the vast majority of the community Frey was elected to serve.
Alex Harris is chair of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee, which provides this column.