Democratic View: Get involved, make a difference

My name is Will Haskell. I’m the Democratic nominee to represent Ridgefield in the Connecticut State Senate.

I knocked on more than 3,000 doors this summer, and I heard from people who are more passionate about politics now than ever. Women and men — right here in Ridgefield — who see what has gone on in our national and state governments and have a visceral reaction. They are frustrated, righteously angry and energized.

A lot of those people, too, feel a sense of helplessness. A feeling that the problems of our politics are too large or too national for Connecticut voters to make a difference.

The truth is that we can make a difference. I decided to run for office because I saw an incumbent state senator representing Ridgefield whose deeply conservative voting record had gone unchallenged for years. Now, we have just over a month to choose a different path, to break a tie in the State Senate, and to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. In Ridgefield, getting involved has never been easier or more important.

If you know that the epidemic of gun violence in this country is preventable, then join the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee at 28 Prospect Street every Thursday night to call voters and tell them so. Our incumbent state senator proposed a bill last year allowing anyone to purchase ammunition without a certificate. I’m running because I believe in gun regulation, not the NRA.

If you see a political system that ignores survivors of sexual assault and protects their attackers, then join one of the many women-run groups in town, like Postcards to Voters, that support pro-women candidates at every level of government. Our incumbent state senator supported an amendment last year to weaken protections against sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. I’m grateful to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the National Organization for Women.

If you understand that the GOP plan to eliminate the state income tax will cripple our school districts and lower our quality of life, then pick up a lawn sign from the DTC office and display it in your yard. Our campaign has already handed out 500 — we ran out of signs faster than we anticipated but promise more are coming.

And if you believe that the Republican Party has been complicit in a presidency that has attacked women, children, and people of color at every turn, then speak up and say so — to your friends, to your neighbors, to your family members.

This is not a month to stay home and watch democracy pass by on cable news or your Twitter feed. Every day in October will make a difference on Election Day.

You can call me directly anytime at 203 856-0873 to learn how to get involved, or sign up to volunteer on our campaign website, I hope you’ll choose to get involved this fall, and I hope to earn your vote for State Senate on Nov. 6.

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee provides this column.