Democratic View: Building on strength

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (“DTC”) is beginning a new chapter and invites all Ridgefield residents to join our efforts. Over the last two decades, Democrats have steadily increased our success in Ridgefield, most recently in sweeping local election victories last fall. Building on the strong foundations erected in years past, the DTC has welcomed new members and volunteers, and elected new officers to continue our forward progress.

As we began a new two-year term, the DTC recognizes our outgoing Chair, Tom Madden, outgoing Treasurer, Jim Coyle, outgoing Recording Secretary, Ellen Darvick, and outgoing Corresponding Secretary, Mark Seavy. We thank Tom, Jim, Ellen and Mark for their years of service to our town and look forward to their continued active participation in our community and the DTC.

Filling the shoes of such capable leaders is not for the faint-hearted, but happily their retirements as DTC officers coincide with unprecedented grassroots energy, engagement, and activism. During 2017, the DTC added three first-time members as mid-term replacements; in 2018 seven additional first-time members were elected to replace seven retiring members. Our 10 new members’ fresh ideas and dynamism, combined with our 14 returning members’ experience and expertise, will enable our organization to maintain and enhance its laser focus on Ridgefield residents’ evolving needs and to continue recruiting and electing candidates to serve Ridgefield’s best interests.

During the 2018-2020 term, the Ridgefield DTC will implement a new program to expand our base of community engagement. A key element of that program is a series of new standing subcommittees, each to include DTC members as well as any interested volunteers. These subcommittees will plan and execute DTC events, communications, online efforts, recruitment, campaign efforts, infrastructure and compliance. We strongly encourage any Democrat registered in Ridgefield to join these or our many other efforts. For information and meeting dates, please visit our website,

The operation of these new standing subcommittees will be overseen by our energetic new Vice Chair, Aimee Berger-Girvalo. Aimee was appointed to the DTC in 2017 and re-elected in January 2018. Aimee brings an impressive and varied résumé of experience to the DTC, having previously served in several general management positions in the hospitality and retail industries, operated her own yoga instruction business, and currently serves as a Special Education paraprofessional in the Ridgefield Public Schools.

Beyond her professional experience and credentials, Aimee is an outstanding communicator and community organizer, co-founding and co-leading the Ridgefield Chapter of the Women’s March since inception. Aimee has inspired and is followed by thousands of local area residents. Ridgefield Democrats are thrilled to have elected Aimee as our vice chair and are eager to harness the positive energy she has mobilized in our community.

Ridgefield Democrats are focused on building a better future for our town, state, nation and world by expanding civic conversation and participation, fusing proven ideas with new innovations, and listening to and incorporating every voice that wishes to constructively engage. Please join us.

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee provides this column.