Letter: Ridgefield resident concerned about electric bill




To The Editor:  

In the Feb. 23 edition of The Ridgefield Press I read that Eversource recently doubled the pay to their CEO Joe Nolan, Jr!  Eversource reported Mr. Nolan’s pay last year at nearly $13 million!  It is impossible to believe this, particularly considering electric rates have increased recently by 31-42%.  My January, 2023 electric bill for nearly the exact amount of energy consumed as one year ago was over $100 more.  

As reported, “Eversource profits hit a record $1.4 Billion last year across its CT Light & Power territory and other electric, gas and water businesses…”  In this same Press article it was reported Senator Blumenthal criticized the “bonuses and extra payments” to the Eversource executives, “adding insult to injury for consumers who are struggling with skyrocketing electricity bills.”  

Mr. Blumenthal’s comments are accurate but again he is, as usual, too late to the issue.  Mr. Blumenthal should have strongly resisted Joe Biden’s administration from cutting off our Nation’s oil and gas productions the day Biden came into office and signed all those executive orders.  I would like to know from both Mr. Blumenthal and our CT Attorney General William Tong how it is legal that one entity, Eversource, now owns and operates our State’s largest electric distribution and natural gas utilities, along with recently acquiring the Aquarion Water Utility?  

To add to the Eversource avarice, they recently requested a 27% increase over the next three years for Aquarion Water!  Eversource seems to be an illegal monopoly, and we rate payers are prisoners with no way out!  What can we utility rate payers do?  We must insist with direct communications to CT legislators, the Connecticut  Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, the Energy & Technology Committee of the CT General Assembly, along with Governor Lamont, that they all come to assist Connecticut citizens by reducing  utility rates immediately.  


Catherine A. Sementini

Old Wagon Road