Letter: Desegregate CT article attacks Ridgefield Residents for Smart Development

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

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To the Editor:

Thanks so much for the Desegregate CT plant on the Editorial Page (RP, 2/3/23. P.4A), purportedly authored by a “compassionate, young” Mansfield resident (first-year Clark University!) who attacked Ridgefield Residents for Smart Development. Desegregate CT can arguably be considered a front for, among other things, the advancement of democratic socialism (Marx, Lenin, Engels, Trotsky, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, even Bakunin), whose philosophy does not seem to have worked too well anywhere else in the world. 

Desegregate CT’s “Work, Ride, Live” proposes that the State foist high density development along the one track spur line passing through Branchville/Redding.  It offers the “stick/carrot” of illusory State aid to bring high rise apartments to Southern Ridgefield, which is served by single lane Route 7 running along one of the more sensitive and endangered rivers in Southern Connecticut, and in an area of Ridgefield not served by public sewer.  

Far be it from me to offend this young student’s “sensibilities” by “mischaracterizing” Desegregate CT’s agenda. Check out their website and decide for yourself. If RP was “fair and balanced” it would have at least given Ridgefield Residents for Smart Development equal time and space.  

Ridgefield residents might wish to consider the detailed coverage of this topic provided by The Ridgefield Record (www.ridgefieldrecord.com), a local newspaper written and edited by Ridgefield residents, who are entitled to determine their own civic destiny. 

John Tartaglia
Ridgefield resident and staff writer for the Ridgefield Record