What is happening to our committees and boards in Ridgefield?

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

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To the Editor:

Content has seemed to take a back seat to comments by committee members accusing the residents they work for of ageism, anti-semitism and racism. From our used to be esteemed committee members these national issues rather than local issues have taken front and center.  

As resident Greg Kabasakalian stated the name calling and divisiveness doesn’t belong anywhere but unfortunately it has come to Ridgefield and it certainly doesn’t belong here either.   

Recently Economic Development Committee (ECDC) member Kay Gelfman stated on record that awards should not be named after “old white dudes.” Not once but twice at an August 8 meeting, basically insulting a big majority of the Ridgefield population she is supposed to be working for.  

Then to add insult to injury at the October 26 Ridgefield Affordable Housing Committee (RAHC) chairman Dave Goldenberg was called to once again resign by residents for accusing Republicans of anti-semitism on Facebook. Anyone who follows Trump is anti-semitic Goldenberg stated. 

It is beyond comprehension that statements like this (whether personal opinions or not) are allowed to fester online or at public meetings without excuse. But what is more infuriating is the deafening silence of other commission members as well as our elected officials. 

Where did the Compassionate Ridgefield go? Why are you silent when we need you the most?  Where did quite frankly the common sense of our committee members go?

Maybe we need a separate board or commission to properly vet volunteers to ensure that they are volunteering to help the community and not for personal agendas. 

Well folks, what say you?

Lori Mazzola, Ridgefield Voters United Spokesperson