Vote for the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee slate of candidates

To the Editor,

As chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, I am proud to endorse our full slate of candidates. The candidates I am endorsing are a mix of known individuals and new faces who will provide an excellent balance of experience and fresh perspectives to our local boards.

Russ Porter and Bob Lavelle will bring balanced leadership and fiscal responsibility to the Board of Finance. They will be prudent stewards of our town finances, promoting smart investment in our infrastructure while managing the appropriate use of Ridgefield’s COVID recovery funds in support of all residents.

Board of Education candidates Julia London, Meg Oyunbazar and Stavros Natsopolos are engaged parents who will bring back transparency to the board and be a voice of reason for all parents. For students they promote a “back to basics” curriculum focused on critical thinking and continued in-person learning.

On the Board of Police Commissioners, John Frey, Marcie Coffin and Patrick Walsh will bring experienced leadership in support of every resident and our hardworking, valued law enforcement officers. They promote sensible planning for our new public safety building, high-quality training, appropriate acquisition of safety equipment and a pragmatic approach to mitigating traffic congestion.

Christopher Molyneaux (P&Z), Joseph Sorena (P&Z), Mike Schmer (BOAA), David Pope (BOAA), Carson Fincham (ZBA), Sean Archambault (ZBA), Michael Stenko (ZBAA) and Tim Bishop (IWB) will champion a balanced zoning approach to find reasonable solutions to affordable housing requirements while maintaining the beauty and character we love so much in Ridgefield.

I have known many of these candidates for several years while others I have only come to know over the past few months — but they are all committed to doing what is best for Ridgefield.

Please join me on Nov. 2 in supporting these candidates at the polls.

Michael Raduazzo, Chairman, Ridgefield Republican Town Committee