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Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

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To the Editor:

Vote for Bob Hebert because he cares about Ridgefield, all residents, families and children, the schools and local businesses. Vote for Bob Hebert because he makes sure to show up and listen. 

 A main area of Bob Hebert’s attention is in regards to keeping Ridgefield Schools strong and pushing back on Hartford’s overreach.  Bob Hebert supports Ridgefield’s school board’s decisions to determine what is best for our students, the curricula to be taught, and a strong core education focus. Bob Hebert is against school regionalization. Bob Hebert strongly supports increased funding for support services to address learning loss and mental health needs.   Furthermore, Bob Hebert will fight to regain the Special Education funding lost in a vote supported by his opponent. As a father and grandfather, Bob Hebert strongly believes parents should have the right to be involved in their children’s education and be heard by the local school board. 

There is only one choice for Connecticut State Representative when voting to ensure our schools maintain the excellence we expect.  A vote for Bob Hebert is our best choice for keeping the future of Ridgefield schools in Ridgefield and not in Hartford. Please vote on November 8th for Bob Hebert.

Andrea Beebe

Main Street