Vote Okrongly, Rettger for Ridgefield Board of Finance

To the Editor,

Our town is in exemplary financial shape because of our leadership on the Board of Finance, and I’m voting for current members Andrew Okrongly and Mike Rettger to preserve Ridgefield’s economic security.

Board of Finance members need broad professional backgrounds. Both Andrew and Mike function at the high level needed to preserve our Triple A bond rating and make responsible decisions about the town’s economic health.

Mike holds an advanced degree in economics and public policy; he has worked in senior-level financial services and public policy roles for nearly 40 years. His experience is key because the board decides how to allocate Ridgefield’s money responsibly.

Andrew currently manages assets for nonprofit organizations and previously worked at BlackRock in New York and London. His experience is key because the board decides how to grow the town’s assets and balance its needs with those available assets.

There’s another quality that sets Mike and Andrew apart: They are devoted to Ridgefield. Mike has lived in town for 29 years and has served the community in a multitude of volunteer positions, including assistant town treasurer, member of the Pension Commission and member of the Risk Management Committee. He knows Ridgefield’s finances inside and out.

Andrew grew up in Ridgefield, moved back to raise his family, immediately volunteered to serve as treasurer for the Ridgefield Arts Council and later also joined the Pension Commission.

Both candidates are truly invested in preserving Ridgefield. Their sophisticated decisions and judicious planning on the Board of Finance have given our community the security we need, and their leadership and caring have already proven results. Join me in voting Line A for incumbents Mike Rettger and Andrew Okrongly on Nov. 2.

Mark Seavy, Ridgefield