Vote GOP issues, not Trump's style

To the Editor:

Despite Trump’s often annoying style, I would like to suggest readers’ consideration of Republican party candidates; some reasons to do so:

In the state/local area, the Democrat-caused unfunded State liabilities plus pre-COVID deficits, can’t continue unresolved; adding tolls or higher taxes would strap already heavily taxed businesses and residents. Senator Haskell believe more spending is needed, but funds from where? Also, rather than imposing new housing burdens to achieve greater racial representation (discrimination disallowed anyway) and pushing the new sewer system beyond capacity, credit should be given toward 8-30g that meet the requirement without 40-year lease restrictions

Nationally, pre-COVID, corporate tax cuts created much greater economic growth for all, especially minorities and lower income people, reversing Obama-Biden stagnation. The Democrat House including Himes, plus Biden-Harris, want trillions more in spending even while raising corporate tax rates by 1/3 and reinstituting destructive regulations. Good for the economy? At the same time, Biden-Harris hesitancy on Supreme Court expansion or eliminating 60-vote Senate legislation requirement for legislation, means definite “yeses,” VP candidate Harris, left even of Sanders, proved grossly unpresidential in the Pence-Harris debate.

Obama-Biden premature withdrawal from Iraq led to ISIS formation, which the current administration had to destroy. Now Israel-Arab peace agreements are formed that the previous administration could not accomplish.

Neglected in criticism of COVID loss of life is the fact that prevention measure determination was the province of state and local officials, not Federal. While retrospectively some Federal actions were imperfect, ventilators. hospital beds, and now Operation Warp Speed vaccine efforts were excellent.

While ObamaCare repeal with Justice Barrett is far from certain (actually unlikely), that doesn’t preclude its offering with its exorbitant price tag. In 8 years ObamaCare costs went up 160 percent while our town employees’ health insurance plan only increased 35 percent. We deserve better.

The solution is clear: elect Republicans in the forthcoming election.

William Jaeger

38 Circle Drive East, Oct. 22