Vote Amy Casey for Ridgefield Board of Education

To the Editor,

Amy Casey has my full support for Ridgefield’s Board of Education.

As a fellow member of the Ridgefield Arts Council, I have seen Amy’s intelligence, passion and energy in action. She attended months worth of meetings prior to being appointed so she could “hit the ground running” on the council. Amy takes the time to research and listen to all sides of an issue, consistently providing balanced and thorough insight.

Amy was instrumental in establishing the RAC Scholarship and has administered the program since its inception. She knows the value of the arts in education and will use her past experience as a public school teacher and researcher in biology, marine science and neuroscience to advocate for curriculum that meets the needs of our children.

I want someone on the Board of Education who can separate fact from fear, put in the work to thoroughly understand the issues and be brave enough to advocate what she believes in. Amy Casey is that person.

Join me in voting Line A for Amy Casey on Nov. 2.

Jennifer DiLaura, Ridgefield