Letter to the editor: Thoughts about voting in Ridgefield

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Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic

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To The Editor:

Ridgefielders – are you better off today than you were two years ago? Absolutely not.  A vote for the Republican ticket is a vote for you and your family. In May, Forbes magazine rated CT the “worst place to live when it comes to your money.” The Hartford Business Journal rated CT among the “worst states to make a living.” CT Insider cited CNBC’s data that stated that CT was No. 39 of 50 in “America’s Top States for Business.” Exactly what are the Dems doing all day?

            The bottom line is your bottom line. We need a change in Connecticut! Your blue leaders have failed and the Republican ticket will vote in Hartford to keep your money in your pocket for your family. The Republican candidates will take concrete steps to keep local control of zoning, something Aimee Berger-Girvalo failed to do during the past two years. The Republican candidates will re-build our great state to serve thriving, innovative businesses and the Republican candidates will build back a healthy bottom line instead of the abysmal finances that define Connecticut now. Last but certainly not least, the Republican candidates will keep parents in control of their children’s education and upbringing, from what our children learn in school to the medications our children take.

            Ridgefield’s Republican candidates will serve you, not their agenda. The red slate will re-build CT so you and your family can thrive in quintessential New England and you can preserve your well-being and your family’s financial foundation. Party line does matter — your vote matters. Your blue representatives have driven Connecticut into a dark hole and your vote for Republican candidates will take the steps to return Connecticut to its grandeur. Vote to improve your quality of life and vote Republican at all levels on Election Day.

Jeanmarie McLean