The big lie

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Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

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Dear Editor:

I asked a Republican candidate for the state senate if she believed Joe Biden's election was legitimate. She replied that she never said Biden's election was illegitimate.  Evasive? Perhaps. I put the same question to a Republican retired from municipal office. He was adamant that Biden's election was legal but offered the view that there was no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia in the election of 2016.. But, there was collusion  between candidate Donald Trump and Russia in 2016.  In July, 2016, candidate Trump publicly asked Russia to release hacked emails of Hillary Clinton. Shotly, the emails were published in Wikiliks. To me, that is collusion.

Collusion is not an indictable offense, though The Mueller Report pointedly did not exonerate Trump stating it would have done so if that had been its conclusion. In part two, the Mueller Report set forth clearly the case for obstruction of justice against Trump, but stated it had no authority to indict. It is interesting to me that in making charges against Biden and the Democratic Party, Trump supporters never do so under oath, never offer evidence, and never promise to do better. There unproven charges serve only to justify similar or more extreme wrongdoing on their part.

Daniel C. Hudson

Silver Spring Park