On Tuesday, Nov. 3, my wife and I voted at east ridge school, as we have for 32 years. Unlike previous years, we were strongly motivated to appear for the 6 a.m. poll opening, and joined a long line of people that went out to the street. At the appointed time, the long line began to move forward, steadily and smoothly. We were back at our car by 6:20.

Each person working at the polls did their job well: with competence, with efficiency and just plain civilized "niceness". I also know that it takes work and organization behind the scenes to set up a successful voting experience. And finally, after all the voting is complete, there is the essential counting and tabulation work. We have previously voted many times before, blithely presuming the existence of this system and paying it little mind. But this election has woken us up to the vital importance of a proper voting system.

We want to thank each poll worker who enabled our voice to be heard!

Tim and Sally Brunner