Thank you from Keeler Tavern Museum, History Center executive director

The Ridgefield Press

The Ridgefield Press

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I have to first begin with a sincere "Thank you!" to the many visitors who made our museum a part of their summer plans this year. We loved seeing you on our tours, in our exhibits, and in the audience for poetry and music.

We're dedicated to providing engaging ways to share our historic site and cultural heritage with the public and busy summers are always a great reminder of how important our community is in helping build those experiences.

And on that note of collaborative experiences, I'm thrilled to announce that our new tour, "War at Home," which has been a major focus of our reinterpretation project, has officially gone live for the public!

The tour takes as its starting point our famous cannonball and then shifts the focus so that visitors get to explore the impacts of war on home and those living in the Keeler household during the Battle of Ridgefield.

This is a great opportunity for first-time visitors to learn about our museum's incredible history, and a great opportunity for visitors who've been here before to learn something new, from a new perspective. We hope you'll check it out.

We're also looking forward to a very busy October, from a newly imagined fall fundraiser to two new exhibits to the return of our popular Ghosts of Ridgefield specialty tours.

Hilde Grob