Supports Michelle Coelho and Bob Hebert




Right for Ridgefield

On November 8, I will be voting for two outstanding candidates to represent me in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Michelle Coelho is running for State Senate in the 24th Senate District. I am voting for Michelle because she clearly understands and will protect my Rights under the U.S. Constitution. Her family fled the tyranny and repression of Cuba, where the Marxist end result of equality in misery was achieved. Michelle does not receive awards from the Communist Party USA; Michelle would never block funding for Danbury’s Charter School; Michelle will represent taxpayers and constituents to expand and improve their educational choices, instead of doing the bidding of powerful unions.

Bob Hebert is running for State Representative in the 111th House District. The choice here is simple. Bob works tirelessly for the people of Ridgefield as Selectman. He listens to and then attacks problems at the grassroots level, assisting people he represents whenever asked. Bob will not be a cog in a party wheel, marching in step to vote for directives issued by Hartford. Most of the problems we face in Ridgefield are caused by one-party control of the governor’s office and legislature. Bob will work to lessen the state tax burden and will protect local control of education and zoning.

Please join me in voting for Michelle Coelho and Bob Hebert on November 8.

Robert Lavelle

Aspen Mill Road